Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries Before They Happen in Phoenix AZ

For most kids and adults, engaging in sports is fun, and an activity that helps you achieve your fitness goals. However, if you do not follow the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe, you can easily get hurt, and this is never fun. Recovering from an injury can take longer, and the injured areas are more vulnerable during the period of recovery, says Dr. Thongtrangan AZ, who is a male orthopedic surgeon. To protect you from sports injuries, below are eight tips to prevent sports injuries before they happen. I would recommend that you adopt the advice provided below so that you can avoid injuries as you look forward to moving closer to your desired fitness goals.

The first tip of protecting yourself from a sport’s injury lies in drinking plenty of fluids and water. The reason I recommend this is that fluids provide more energy while you are active, which helps you to stabilize the body temperature. Better still, the fluids protect your muscles from cramping for added safety.

Also, avoid indulging in the game without getting ready. The reason I state this is that cold muscles are more prone to injury. For that reason, start the play with light exercises like a jog or stretching. This measure helps to improve the flow of the blood and loosen your muscles to prepare you for a serious match.

Start gradually
Another tip to protect you from a sports injury, according to Dr. Thongtrangan, lies in a gradual increase in the training program. In this case, avoid an abrupt switch into a new exercise program. Instead, start gradually and increase range speed and intensity of the training slowly to protect your muscles from straining.

Take breaks
Although different players do not love to take some time to rest, note that taking a break is more of a reward than a punishment. Despite the love you have for a sport, you should take some time off so that the body can regenerate its energy and take some time to heal.

Get the right gear
Whether you are a professional or amateur, using the right protective gear is a must so that you can protect yourself from sports injuries according to Dr. Thongtrangan MD. Therefore, determine the type of protective gear that you are required to purchase depending on the nature of the game. When this is done, ensure that you purchase all the gear to ensure that you are protected fully from the head to the feet.

Transition carefully from one sport to the next
Although different people think that they can play any sport that comes along the way, note that you ought to be careful while transitioning from one sport to another, more importantly, when the game requires a lot of physical energy. That said, you must transition from one game to another gradually, given that various games need different muscles and skills.

Stop the play if it hurts
Most athletes hesitate to halt the sport even when it hurts. Note that this is one of the worst decisions since being so persistent can make the injury worse and make it difficult to heal. Instead of persisting, you should place a halt on the game to protect yourself from additional sports injuries.

Embrace cross-training
Another way of protecting yourself from sports injuries according to Dr. THONGTRANGAN MD lies in embracing cross-training. In this case, integrate other activities into the game since different activities engage different muscle groups. That way, you can give room for the mostly-used muscles groups to rest.


There you have it; eight tips to prevent sports injuries before they happen. I would recommend that you adopt each of the recommendations to avoid spending so much time and money dealing with the consequences of a sports injury.

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